How to convince girlfriend oral sex

Make a bigger deal of foreplay, which is a safe way to take small risks and learn more about each other. If something goofy happens, like you fall off the bed somehow, don't be afraid to laugh -- it won't kill the mood. How do i convince my girlfriend to give me oral? Choose your reason below and click on the Submit button. I have come up with the following one off the top of my head: You really can't convince a girl to perform BJ s. She does not owe you oral sex or have to take it because you want to give.

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It depends on your physical state, your age, your health condition and your hormone level.

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Simple methods for convincing a woman to give you oral sex

So when you take a shower, pull the foreskin and wash your penis thoroughly. My sex life with my wife has never been Please login to post your comment. Talk broadly about your sexual desires and fantasies together. She may or may not have much to say, and what she says might not be to your liking. Send feedbacks through body language verbal communication. Your penis has to be welcoming as well as spotless.

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how to convince girlfriend oral sex
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how to convince girlfriend oral sex
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